Growing up in Central Oregon has instilled in me a deep appreciation for community, wildlife and nature. Consequently, I primarily utilize local materials from Central Oregon’s wilderness, recycle\repurpose yards and scrapyards where I find various weathered and worn pieces of wood and metal.

I understand that art is a language, and as such it can unite us in relationship, cultivating community. Therefore, harnessing the innate character and beauty of the wood and metal pieces, I assemble them like words on a page, communicating that like these materials we are all being shaped through the elements of life and as God unites our weathered and broken selves in true love, we become His masterpiece. I find this unique approach engages the viewer in a dialog that transcends the superficial.

Through life, creating sculpture, and His word God reveals His and my true identity and purpose in Jesus by His Spirit of love and it is this process of discovery which is behind my creative expression.